Friday, May 27, 2016


I am the water
freely flowing
bubbling along

soothing, refreshing

but what about when
going with the flow
is wrong?

My world is rocked
waves crash
back and forth
out of control
need to stop the waves
need to hold my ground
but my ground
is not there
to hold.

Water can be strong
Water can be like the ground
But only if it is very cold

I can be the ice
but being cold is painful too
and the world hates the ice
it chips away at it
tries to break it
melt it

Is this my choice?
Be swept along with the waves
or be the glacier of ice?

Maybe someday the storm will die down
maybe the waves will not crash as hard
and then I can just be the water
freely flowing
bubbling along

--Jeska Moonwillow

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