Tuesday, July 11, 2017


How silly of me
to have imagined
I belonged someplace

The only place
I have ever felt
I truly belonged
was with my Joanne

but now
she is

Sunday, July 9, 2017


"Why are people so awful to each other?"

It's the question I end up asking myself, recently, when I habitually click the "Facebook" link I have bookmarked on my toolbar.  It seems especially bad recently; it feels like every time I go there, there's just nothing but negativity, although it may be that it is the same as always and I am especially sensitive recently instead.
I'm feeling pretty withdrawn right now, especially from social media, but probably also in general; I didn't go to church this morning, or go out at all today, like I had imagined I might.

My friend Jill stopped by briefly on Friday to bring me a birthday gift; she gave me a copy of the book "Earth Angels Realms" by Doreen Virtue.  It was an interesting read, and I feel like it gave me a lot to contemplate.  I don't really have enough delusions of grandeur to call myself an "Incarnated Angel," but the book's description of one does seem to fit me to a "t", from the conflict-avoidance tendencies and sometimes-unhealthy "need to be needed", right down to my relationship with food and even the tinnitus (ringing in ears).
I found it interesting enough that I have a second book by the same author on the way; I've always imagined that wisdom is where you find it, and though I don't imagine I am anything as special as all that, I figure that if she can describe me that well, there might be some advice I would find useful.

It feels like I have a lot more thinking to do about this.