Sunday, November 22, 2015

Elegy of the Dark

I am the darkness.
Weary.  Jaded.  Irritated.
Bored with the games people play
People are selfish

Rage builds
They are worthless
They are parasites
They are vampires
They are evil
They take
And take
And never give

The darkness is new
I don't remember choosing it
But how can I flow through a sea
of dark toxins
black poisons
and vile parasites
without getting stained?

So many energies
all of them dark
But which one is mine?
Dread creeps in
I am lost
in a land of vampires.

Dark cannot fight dark
Dark is dark
Dark gets lost in the dark
Dark is not the way

     ...but then...

light must be the way.
light shines through dark
banishes it
vanquishes it

I found my star
it is faint
but I see it
It is shining
it will show the way back
Now my Moon will glow
Soon my Sun will blaze again

Our star is somewhere else's sun
What if my Sun is someone else's Star?

What if they are lost too?
What if they are not dark by choice?
What if they have become parasites
    only to survive?
What if they wished they could find the way
    out of the darkness?
What if they are flailing
        in the dark sea
             because they can't
                  find their star?

I will not be the darkness.
I will be the Star.

--Jeska Moonwillow