Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Cleansing

I haven't written here in a while!  It's time to get back to it, I think.  As the first order of business, I wish a blessed Mourning Moon to everyone.  While in general I don't feel like I have much to mourn, my thoughts do turn to my grandfather; and now that I am part of a couple, of course we also honor my partner's parents, and her beloved Guardian Spirit, who kept walking the earth on only three legs just to keep her safe until I could find her.

Over the past month or two, I've done a few things trying to shake a feeling of stagnancy that I've been struggling with.  We've imagined that maybe there is some residual negative energy that is still here from before I came, and so we've done some cleansing things... we've burned incense and candles, I even cast a spell of protection over us and our home.  I got a job working part-time in the same office my partner works, and that has been a source of positive energy, but so far that hasn't translated into any real change in the house.

Finally, I had a thought this morning, and it seemed so obvious when I thought it...  I think if you want to cleanse your home, you're probably doing it wrong if you don't start by actually cleaning the house.  I know, it sounds kind of dumb, but it goes along with the idea of needing to work in the mundane toward what you want to accomplish in the spiritual.

So, to that end, I went to Target this morning and picked up a few things to help me get things done.  I can be a bit of a curmudgeon sometimes about the elegance of using 'traditional' tools, but I'm starting to learn, slowly but surely, that modern conveniences can sometimes just be, well, modern and convenient.  For instance, I tend not to mop often enough, because the rag-mop and bucket, while traditional, can kind of feel like a lot of work for a little result.  I got the Swiffer WetJet because a.) I think the extra convenience will help me actually use it more regularly and b.) I had a coupon and it was on sale.  Same idea with the little pet hair remover thing and the Swiffer dusting kit.  Hopefully I will put these things to good use, and the new implements will be able to earn their keep.  They actually had a ScotchBrite broom-like thing that took disposable cloths too, which was supposed to be really good for picking up dirt and pet hair, but I didn't think I was ready to get rid of my old straw broom just yet.  A witch has to draw the line somewhere. ;)

The other thing I think I need to do, is focus my energies better.  Flowing water doesn't have more energy than stagnant water--it's just all going the same direction.  I think I might have a tendency to try to have too many 'irons in the fire' at once, even though I know I am horrible at "multi-tasking."  I think what I need to do is really focus on what my priority should be, especially now that I am working.  What is important is making sure I take proper care of my partner, our home, and our puppy, and if that means other things like business ventures or hobbies go on the back burner, then that is where they will need to go while I am getting the important things done.
I also think I can have this unfortunate tendency to waste a lot of time trying to decide the best way to spend my time.  I believe in "working smarter, not harder," but I shouldn't let it turn into "thinking harder, not working."  I need to remember that as long as what I'm working on gets me closer to the goal and not further, then it isn't wrong even if things aren't done in the perfect order.  Focus is good, but pinpoint accuracy is probably not required to get the house clean.

I can even let myself feel guilty about the time I've spent writing this, when I could have been cleaning the kitchen.  But, I do think stating goals and setting plans can be important.