Monday, January 14, 2013

It's In the Shoes

I feel good about what I got accomplished in the house today!  My sweetie had the car today so I could stay home and take delivery of our new freezer.  Now I have plenty of room to store leftovers and stock up during sales.  We wanted the freezer to go where our microwave had been, so I got the microwave stand moved to its new home and everything all swept up and dusted in time for the delivery man to arrive.  I also got a bunch of laundry taken care of, and made some good progress in cleaning the living room.

I actually think that part of the reason I feel good about what I did today was that I didn't seem to have to sit down and take breaks to rest my back nearly as often.  I ended up wearing my purple walking shoes today since I wasn't going anywhere; they're really comfortable, but a bit too casual to wear to work or to go out.  I'm honestly not that sure I really got more done than I would have on a typical day, but I felt more capable of doing it.

It makes me realize that on those days where I think I'm feeling dissatisfied with my work in the house, instead it might be that I'm unhappy from feeling impaired--I don't like that things aren't always as easy as they used to be before my back was injured.  So when things come up to remind me that I have an "impairment" that can limit my activity, I think it can make me frustrated with my body, and by extension with myself.

So, it seems like the lesson for today is to wear comfortable and supportive shoes to do housework from now on. :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolve

No, I know it isn't January 1st.  Yes, that means my "resolutions" post is roughly a week later than everyone else's.  I think I rather prefer it that way; path less traveled and all that, yes?  To me it makes more sense to get past all the holidays and time off and get-togethers and then set things back into some semblance of order, and then take stock of where I am and where I want to be going.

So the 'resolutions' this year, if we're calling them that, are the typical ones that practically everyone does:  We want to be healthier, I want to be more organized, keep the house better, and so on.  (Also, try to write in my blog more than once a quarter this year.)  My sweetie has given me Mondays off from my part-time job at her office for doing errands and stuff or just having extra time in the house, which should help.  Today I used my freedom to take a shopping trip to Bellevue where I went to Uwajimaya--I do love asian cooking.  I stocked up quite a bit, even though I realize I could easily go more often now.

Then I went next door to the new Total Wine and Spirits store, and I was a terribly bad witch while I was in there.  I can't help it, it's kind of a hobby of mine.  The silly part is, we had 'resolved' to partake less, so it sort of feels like I dragged a whole bunch of temptation home with me.  I am hoping to make it last a while, though; I do want to get things back to where a spirited drink feels like something special, maybe even spiritual (please ignore the pun).  And to keep from feeling deprived, I plan to enjoy teas more.  I think we can do it, and my idea was that if we had a selection of nice things to have when we do partake, then it shouldn't feel like we really gave up anything, just maybe traded some quantity for quality.

Well, I'm not going to ramble on; I should get back into the kitchen.  I have rice that needs to start cooking, and laundry that needs put into the dryer.  A kitchen witch's work is never done!