Friday, August 17, 2012

Creeping Negativity

It feels as though I might be battling a miasma of some sort... for the past 24 hours or so it just seems like there is a powerful negativity around that has a mind of its own.  My partner and I both slept fitfully and with unsettling dreams (she dreamed I didn't want to share interests with her anymore, I dreamed my legs were crippled and I couldn't use my kitchen).  Even the puppy was acting up last night--which at the time felt like a source of the negative feelings rather than an effect, but now I am imagining the miasma could have been affecting him too.

I'm doing some minor things to try to protect myself; I'm wearing a strengthening fragrance which helps me envision the Moon and her light, and I decided to cover my head with a green headscarf for light protection.  I'm also wearing a locket for protection, and my Vampire Killer pendant as a ward for negative entities.
For the home's protection, I finished crafting some sandalwood votives that had been on the table; the fragrance should be good protection, and I do think that having them sitting unfinished may not have been good for energy flow.  Once those are ready and their fragrance subsides, I think I should get some oak going on in here.
Of course, all that is just to tide things over until I can Craft a more permanent solution.

As far as the root of things goes, it does occur to me that there might be some lingering negativity in the house related to some of the "clutter" items... I know that before I came here, my partner came into the possession of a large volume of stuff when her parents passed, and that she felt overwhelmed by the task of dealing with it all--and many of those items are still here.  In addition, I brought with me quite a few things that feel as though they are from a former life, or that I may have acquired for the wrong reasons, and having those still bound to me could be a negative force as well.

In any case, I think a good de-cluttering and cleaning--both physical and spiritual--is in order.  It might take a few days (weeks?) but I do think it needs to be done.  It may make a bigger difference than I even imagine!

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