Sunday, November 20, 2016


I am the Mountain
I am strong, resolute
I am immovable, unshakeable
I am the higher ground
I am the shelter from the storm.
yet do those who take shelter in me
know of the smoldering fire deep inside?

I am the Fire
I am the candle, I am the lamp
I am the hearth, I am the forge
I am purifying, sustaining
I am the warmth that brings comfort.
yet if I break my bonds, only ashes shall remain
in the wake of the firestorm

I am the Storm
I am the lightning and the thunder
I am the wind and the rain
I am the rage and the fury
I am the dreadful Hand of God.
yet life spreads behind me in my wake
from my waters of life and energies of rebirth

--Jes'arra Mourningstar

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