Monday, August 4, 2014


Okay, so the Julep stuff I talked about came last Wednesday!

The Welcome Box itself came with two colors and a base coat; I added on the PliƩ Wand art system (which attaches to any polish bottle brush to give it a paintbrush handle, and comes with some specialty brushes and a dotting tool), a few of the "Savvy Deals" (aka clearance items) and qualified for a free "Newport" gift set with two more colors and a bracelet.

So I have a total of five colors of polish:  From left to right, there is Beverly and Sera from the welcome kit along with the base coat, then there is Something Blue and Harley from the Newport set, and the last is a special "crackle finish" silver called Glenda.
I also got a couple of lip glosses, a liquid eye shadow, and a mascara, all of which seem to work really well.  I especially like the eye sheen much more than I thought I would; it doesn't take much at all to cover well and it lasted all day even without a base coat or anything.

Naturally, I had to try out my new products as soon as they showed up, so Wednesday afternoon I tried out the Newport set and the crackle silver to do some blue nails with silver tips and a crackle-silver accent nail:
It didn't come out perfect, but I thought it was fine for a first effort.  I wore that for a few days, and then when the weekend hit I decided to try the other colors:

I did this one on Saturday, and it's still looking great with no chips and not much edge wear even this evening.  I'm impressed at how good they still look.

I've actually made a couple more orders already, which probably marks me as an addict.  The "Secret Store" thing happened over the weekend, and I got a good deal on a manicure tool set and a carrying case to put all this stuff in.  Then tonight, I gave in to the "100° OF MYSTERY BOX", so I have another round of surprise products coming after that.  I'm going to see if the Bombshell Dots manicure lasts long enough for some fresh colors to show up. ;)

If you, too, would like to become addicted to fabulous nail polishes that get sent to you every month, you can use my referral link, which will get you a free Welcome Box (and will get me a $15 credit to feed my new addiction with).

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