Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Since the first of August, it feels like there has been a bit of a sea change...  I have been working many more days and hours than in July, basically full-time (if not a little over).  September's calendar is even busier!  It has to have been at least two weeks since I've been able to do anything significant in the kitchen, and for the past Full Moon--a Blue Moon, by old world reckoning--I ended up working on both the Eve and the day, so I didn't have much of a chance to honor it the way I would have wanted.  I did at least get a good chance to see the Moon on the drive home from work, which is often hard to do from our heavily-wooded backyard.

Finding a balance has eluded me so far, probably because every time I think I have things worked out, then I have more days added to my schedule (for instance, those two workdays that were on the Moon were late additions).  I haven't given up trying though.  After working tomorrow, I do at least have a four-day weekend for Labor Day.  I'm hoping to be able to focus my energies and do some home cooking at least once during the weekend.  I want to feel like a kitchen witch again!

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