Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cursed Food?

As a footnote to yesterday's story about the restaurant, this morning we had decided we would eat our leftovers from the restaurant (my sweetie had some salmon, I had the rest of my risotto) and I was going to make us more softboiled eggs to have with it.  The eggs were getting going, and I heated the risotto in the microwave.  As I was taking the risotto to the counter, the Corelleware bowl that I was using slipped out of my hand and shattered--no, exploded into hundreds of little shards that shot all over the kitchen and beyond.  I managed to get most of the mess cleaned up without ruining the eggs, at least.  I swear, there was some kind of energy that was just determined to make sure that dish was a negative experience.  Even my sweetie thought my risotto must have been cursed!

This morning, I needed to make sure the kitchen floor was safe for barefoot walking, so I swept again, more thoroughly, and then gave the whole kitchen a good mopping, which was actually long overdue.  It ended up inspiring some more ideas worthy of the telling, but those will be another story.

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